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Fact Sheet

This Fact Sheet provides information about Gulf Coast Shelter, Inc.’s business structure and operations. As a private corporation, we do not prepare an Annual Report for public distribution. Gulf Coast Shelter, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shelter Products, Inc. in Portland, OR.

Nature of Business:

Supplier of wood products and building materials— closeouts, liquidations, imports, seconds. Gulf Coast Shelter is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shelter Products, Inc. Shelter's consolidated sales in 2015 were $244 million.

Corporate Officers:

John Austin (CEO and President)
Aaron Wilson (Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer)

Subsidiaries & Affiliates:

Shelter Products, Inc., Portland OR
    John Austin, (CEO and President)

Bank Reference:

Wells Fargo Bank — Contact: Dawn Mace Moore
Please FAX credit inquiries to (704) 427-1729

Credit Associations:

Dun & Bradstreet #96-981-3955
National Association of Credit Management

Major Trade References




Boise Cascade
Boise, ID
Gordon Bird (208) 384-6351 (208) 384-6525
Weyerhaeuser Company
Tacoma, WA
Pam Thomas (253) 924-4481 (253) 928-2393
Bellingham, WA
Oscar Tessarolo (604) 422-3486 (604) 422-3222
Hampton Lumber Co.
Portland, OR
Kim Holt (503) 297-7697 (503) 203-6611
Owens Corning
Dallas, TX
Nathan Baer (419) 248-6107 (419) 325-1109

Public Accountant

Geffen Mesher, Raymond Cheung (503) 221-0141

Federal Tax ID:  20-0360606

If you have further questions, please contact:
Nicole Tabor, Credit Manager, at (503) 872-3448 or email send her an email